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Aug. 17th, 2008 | 12:15 am
posted by: heather_dusk in eileenpeterson

I've started this index so that people can easily find posts here. If you'd like to add a new post, and you aren't a LiveJournal member, post here.


Memorial events.


Beginnings of an obituary.

Writings by Eileen Peterson

Writing - poetry.

Memories of Eileen Peterson

Laurie Lester (niece-in-law): Aunt Eileen.

Ms. Diane (employer): Miss Eileen.

Matt Freeman: Fond memories from former neighbor.

Anonymous (fellow Greenbelter): Eileen.

Peter May (fellow volunteer): Eileen is Missed by Her Many Friends.

Erv, Laura, Clara and Maria Beckert (fellow Greenbelter): Eileen Will Be Missed.

Susan Jones (fellow Greenbelter): Eileen's service to movie theatre.

Katy Pape (fellow Greenbelter): Encounter with Eileen.


Aunt Barb and Uncle Art (uncle and aunt to EJP's son-in-law): Untitled.

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