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A thank you note

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Sep. 14th, 2008 | 03:47 pm
posted by: heather_dusk in eileenpeterson

I apologize for being so late in updating this blog. I'm a journalist, and I had to cover Hurricane Gustav on the week preceding my mother's memorial events. Now I'm having to cover Hurricane Ike. It's considerate of the storms to pause on the weekend of my mother's memorial events (we'll leave aside the brief, mild appearance of Tropical Storm Hanna in this area last weekend), but the storms have been complicating my preparations and follow-up of the memorial events.

We had a small but warm-hearted gathering on Saturday, and a large gathering on Sunday: the house filled up around noon, and people kept coming in a continuous stream till late afternoon. At a certain point, visitors and cards and offerings began getting mixed up in my mind; if I fail to send anyone a thank-you note who should receive one, it's because there was such a generous profusion of people at the events.

I can't begin to express my gratitude toward those who came by to honor my mother, particularly those who told me anecdotes about her life. Doug and I were also blessed by help from family friends and relatives. I couldn't possibly list everyone to whom we owe a debt, but I would like to make special mention of my brother, who gave a beautiful eulogy to our mother on Sunday, and my cousins-once-removed, Maxwell and Emily Lester, who gave me much-needed breaks to play board games and who taught me new ways to fly paper airplanes.

As I mentioned before, I plan to post an online version of the memorabilia displays that were shown at last weekend's events. What with hurricane coverage occupying my days currently, I can't give a definite deadline for that, but I'm estimating it will be within a couple of weeks. I'll post the notice here when it's ready.

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