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Aunt Eileen

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Jul. 30th, 2008 | 06:24 pm
location: Grand Junction, Colorado
music: Judy Collins, "Holly Ann"
posted by: laurielester in eileenpeterson

 We are so bummed and miss Eileen! We were hoping she would have a chance to come visit us after her surgery and see our new place, we know she would have loved it! And we really were hoping to make a trip out there to see her and get the "Eileen tour" of the East Coast some day, she would know all the best places to visit!!

Heather, your mom was so special, she was a kindred spirit to me! We had so many interests in common and I will never forget that she went out of her way to get signed Judy Collins CD's for me, she knew that Judy was an inspiration to me, and you know Eileen was an inspiration to so many people! She was just so loving and enthusiastic and caring and giving! I will always love her!

-Laurie (& David- your cousin...)


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Re: Fond memories from former neighbor

from: heather_dusk
date: Aug. 17th, 2008 04:12 am (UTC)

"your mom occasionally had me sit for you and your brother, an experience so…uh…remarkable, that I don't think I ever babysat for anyone else!"

Scarred you for life, did we? :)

Thank you for sharing your memories of my mother. I have only vague memories of her life in the 1970s; I knew that she was involved in Democratic activities, but that was about it.

I received your mother's note; if you read this before I get back to her, please do let her know that I'll be writing back soon.

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